Schools Concerts

Challenge young minds and introduce primary and secondary students to orchestral music through the SSO Schools Concert series. Enrich your classroom music program through a series of thematic concert experiences.

Regional Tour: From Baroque to Now!

Suitable for Yrs K–12
Duration: 1 hour

Wed 24 May 11:30am 
At the Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre

Thu 25 May 10:00am (Primary) & 11:30am (Secondary)
At the Orange Civic Theatre

Fri 26 May 10:00am (Primary) & 11.30am (Secondary)
At the Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre

Toby Thatcher conductor

In 2017 the SSO heads to Bathurst, Orange and Dubbo. Our concerts will explore the evolution of the orchestra from the first fanfares and early Baroque to the orchestra in the 21st century. Students will discover the growth of instrumental families and the development of orchestral sound.

Regional Tour Photography Intern

We are inviting young photographers to apply to be the SSO Photography Intern for the day, capturing musicians on and off stage and exploring the local culture.

Budding photographers should submit a photograph that represents the personality of their community with a short pitch explaining why they are the ultimate SSO Photography Intern to snap “SSO in my town”. Submissions by email to Entries close Friday 12 May 5pm and applicants must be attending SSO’s Schools Concerts.

One student will be selected in each location. The selected students will have the opportunity to collaborate and develop their ideas with a photography mentor from the SSO. A selection of images by the interns from Bathurst, Orange and Dubbo will be chosen for publication on SSO’s Backstage News website. We want to see the music you hear! 

Machine Music

At the Seymour Centre, York Theatre
Suitable for Yrs 3-10
Duration: 1 hour

30 May–2 June
10:30am (Years 3–6)
12:00pm (Years 7–10)

Iain Grandage conductor

The sounds of machines can be their own kind of music. Some composers have written music for machines and discovered ways to replicate the sounds of machinery through the instruments in the orchestra. Students will be enthralled as a typewriter joins the percussion section, we hear Elgar's interpretation of a wagon passing and Mussorgsky's crazy hut on chicken legs. How does a composer replicate a suave car or a jet stream through the instruments of an orchestra?

The Bush Concert

At the Seymour Centre, York Theatre
Suitable for K‒6
Duration: 1 hour

31 Oct–3 Nov
10:30am (Years K–2)
12:00pm (Years 3–6)

Toby Thatcher conductor
Barry Conrad storyteller

Helga Visser's picture book is brought to life by Mark Simeon Ferguson's score for the orchestra with storyteller, Barry Conrad. What do the animals do when the drought will not end? Students will discover the instruments of the orchestra and the sounds of the Australian Bush as they take part in a very unusual concert.



2017 Schools Concerts
MPF: $120 / Students: $12
Teacher: $12 or 1:20*
*One complimentary teacher per 20 student seats purchased

2017 Regional Tour
MPF: $20 / Students: $12
Teacher: $12 or 1:20*
*One complimentary teacher per 20 student seats purchased

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